Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based-Practice

At St Thomas’ we are committed to using an Evidence-Based approach to student learning and development. This means that leaders and teachers use up to date research of best practices, as well as evidence of student learning to make informed judgments in order to enhance individual student’s development and learning. 

Evidence-Based Practice involves the use of evidence to:

  1. establish where students are in their learning;
  2. decide on appropriate evidence-based teaching strategies and interventions; 
  3. monitor student progress and evaluate teaching effectiveness in terms of impact on student learning. 

Evidence-Based Practice is at the forefront of our actions and shared language. St Thomas’ has supported a number of our teachers and leaders to complete Masters level post graduate studies in Evidence-Based Practice through Melbourne University. The theory behind this is to ensure that our staff are aware of the latest educational research and students have access to the most effective teaching interventions to support individual growth. These studies have provided staff with specialised skills in student assessment and observation, as well as improved outcomes for students through accurately identifying and addressing their learning needs.