Specialist Subjects


Music at St Thomas’ involves students using their voices, instruments and equipment to improvise, arrange, compose and perform music. Students sing and play music in different styles and use music terminology. They explore music from different cultures, times and locations.

During music lessons, students have the opportunity to express themselves; use their imagination and creativity and demonstrate listening skills. 

Music at St Thomas’ is fun, engaging and involves lots of teamwork.

Visual Arts

During Visual Arts lessons, students are supported to express themselves using a variety of materials and techniques. These artworks show their observations and imagination. Students are given the chance to discover established and emerging artists works and to display their own work as an artist.


The sport and physical education program at St Thomas’ aims to produce motivated and resilient learners who understand the benefits of regular and lifelong physical activity. Students learn to adapt fundamental movement skills to specific sorts and activities so they can confidently move their bodies and become active members of their community. Students develop their ability to work as a team and demonstrate fair play  and honesty when engaging in activities and participating as a member of a team. At St Thomas’ students have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a variety of sporting arenas at both school, district, regional and state level.