General Information


8.55am Classes commence

10.35am Eating time

10.45am Recess

11.05am Recess finishes

12.45pm Eating time

12.55pm Lunchtime

1.35pm Lunchtime finishes

3.07pm -Bus Bell

3.15pm Classes finish


We use PAM to share information with parents including reports, activities and school interviews. To access PAM please talk to our receptionists or click the following link.


If your child is sick or will be absent from school you are required to notify the school in writing.  The quickest and best way to let us know is to use the Absentee form using PAM.  You can also email the school.


If your child is late to school, you must come into the office and sign your child in.  The same applies if your child is leaving school early.


Children being picked up by cars are to leave via the Raglan Street or Guthridge Parade exits.  Guthridge Parade is a no parking zone between 8.00 – 9.30am and 2.30 – 4.00pm.  The duty teachers will dismiss children as parents arrive.  Children are to use the school crossings where necessary and no child is to cross the road unaccompanied by an adult.  If a child being collected by car does not use the crossing, an adult must cross the road to collect them at all times.

The area along Raglan Street marked with white lines is a ‘kiss and drop’ zone only.  You may stop, drop off or pick up your children and immediately leave the zone.  You cannot park and leave your car.  If you do so you may receive a fine.  Police do a regular check of the area.

Please do not double park when dropping off or collecting children.  This is an extremely dangerous situation, which puts children at risk of an accident. Children will be discouraged from getting into cars that are double-parked.  Parents are asked to abide by the road rules carefully to minimise the risk of danger to the children.

Children travelling by bus will be dismissed from the classroom at 3.10pm and assemble at the front of the school at the Gumnuts gate.  After being checked off the bus list, the teacher will then walk them up to the bus pick up area and ensure they board the buses.


All children are organised into school houses.  There are three Houses -

McCartan (Blue)

Allman (Red)

Theresa (Green)