Learning Adjustment

Learning Adjustment at St Thomas’

At St Thomas’ we are committed to ensuring that all our students experience success. Some of our students may face challenges with their learning and at times may require extra support.

Learning Adjustments are made to allow students with disabilities or additional needs to access and participate in education on the same basis as everyone else. Adjustments reflect the individual needs of students. Our teachers use evidence of what students can do, in order to determine and plan for the next steps in their learning and to monitor progress.

Sometimes only minimal adjustments are required and a teacher may cater for this by making small modifications to support student learning. For students with more significant learning issues, targeted interventions may be more appropriate. At times, we have Education Support Officers available to assist students, depending on the identified needs of the learners.

Our Learning Adjustment Leader works collaboratively with families and classroom teachers to determine how best to assist students who experience difficulties and to develop personalised goals to help them get the most out of their school life. She also supports teachers to identify students who may benefit from additional assessments and is able to utilise a range of specialised assessments for screening students experiencing difficulties. Our Learning Adjustment Leader works closely with external specialists, such as paediatricians, speech therapists and educational psychologists. Information provided by specialists is used by teachers to target their teaching to match the needs of individual students. 

In the same way that we cater for students with learning challenges, our teachers also differentiate learning to support students who may benefit from being extended in their learning.

Our approach to learning adjustment supports all students and ensures that we deliver rigorous, meaningful and dignified learning programs.